"make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you,
so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody."

--1 thessalonians 4: 11-12

Saturday, January 14, 2012

week 2 pictures and baby goats

i have to confess...
i was a "spurred" slacker this week.
i've been going nonstop working on the house--
filling holes, sanding, painting, "helping" with demolition...
so i had to make up a few of the days.
i'll do better next week.
promise. =)

without further ado,
here are week 2's prompted pictures:

day 8: broken
my heart was heavy,
so the prompt was perfect.
i love my inlaws dearly and they've had
a lot going on recently...
lots of heartache on all sides. 
i'm thankful that they know where to find solace.

day 9: lines
these are the lines hanging down from
where the wall between the kitchen
and living room used to be.
i've been so excited to take this wall
out to open up the floor plan.

day 10: fluffy
max has the softest, fluffiest chicky down feeling hair ever.
i hate to cut it, because i know it will start getting coarse...
so he gets a mullet.
sorry max...i promise we'll fix it soon, really.

day 11: black
our new llama is black...
and i think it matches her heart.
she's vicious.
we were told she was tame,
but when they got her here,
it was clear she wasn't.
guttural screaming,
teeth baring,
wicked llama.
she's supposedly pregnant.
i vote for keeping the baby
and shooting selling her.

day 12: bow
the kids found my bag of gift bows
and tore them apart...
or rather, repurposed them.
ali decided to make 
"purse necklaces"from them.
inventive, i will give her that.
she makes me proud. ;)

day 13: mug shot
i feel like the biggest dork in the world
by posting this, but i'm ok with that.
i busted out my tagging skillz for you, 
and used my alias since it's pretty gangsta...
and clearly i'm not, 
with my chalkboard spray paint covered hands
and aero hoodie.


i'm going to interrupt the week 2 pictures now
to tell you about an exciting first for us...

jason came in the house the other evening
holding a spindly legged thing the size of a house cat.
she was crying and carrying on, and it took me a minute
to realize what it was...

a kid....
as in, a baby goat.
she was the cutest thing i've ever seen.
she looked just like her mama,
only with brown ears instead of white.

soon, i swapped her out to meet her brother.
he is gorgeous, too.

this is huge for us, since now we have
a milk producing mama goat and
that has been the goal all along.

yesterday, we noticed the baby girl wasn't doing well.
her brother was up and around and nursing like a champ.
on the other hand, she still couldn't get her balance to walk
and was worn out by trying to nurse.

we wrapped her up in a towel and took her along with us
to atwoods, where we bought a colostrum shot,
milk replacement and some electrolyte supplement.
it was crazy how fast she declined on the way to the store.
 she wasn't strong enough to really take the bottle, 
so we let her chew on it and hand expressed some
of the milk and electrolytes into her mouth.

we let her rest, and a couple hours later,
it was clear she was getting better.
color had returned to her gums,
she was more alert and wanted to eat.
i snuggled her all evening and named her sparrow.
she would cry if i put her down.

we kept her in a kennel in our room
so that i could get up in the night with her.
i ended up on the couch because she would
cry briefly every 5 minutes (seriously)...
so i fed her again an hour and a half after 
we had gone to bed...
she was declining again.
i couldn't get her to stand
and she wouldn't nurse.
towards the end of the feeding,
i could barely get her to swallow.
i gently tucked her back into her bed
and laid back down.

jason was up 2 hours later,
and because his truck was late,
he was able to stay with her for a couple hours.
he could tell she wasn't doing well...
she didn't want to wake up.

when i got up this morning, she was gone.
i cried.

we are thankful she isn't suffering,
but it's hard to see that happen.


we are also thankful that her brother is thriving...



and this brings me to today's picture prompt...

day 14: dining 
next week's prompts:
day 15: team work
day 16: "don't worry, be happy"
day 17: oops
day 18: strong
day 19: fire
day 20: behind
day 21: bridge

feel free to jump in anytime...
even if you just want to do a week's worth,
it would be fun to see what you come up with.

thanks for reading.
have a beautiful weekend.


Megan said...

Your pictures make me smile! I actually laughed too over the llama. Good grief. She sounds...awesome :|

Sarah said...

see, i was going to try to get a gangsta mug shot too and i failed greatly. lol nice pictures lady

Michelle said...

Poor little baby girl goat!! Her brother is awfully precious!

ginanorma said...

Oh my you have me laughing AND crying all in one post! I adore your humor and heart, and ...cough cough ANIMALS! Even that D____ Llama!!! LOL

You have a wonderful wonderful blog. xoxo

ginanorma said...

Dr. Dre, you KNOW you DI'NT!

theolivetree said...

great post!

you had me laughing about the llama :)

meg duerksen said...

it was GREAT meeting YOU yesterday.
we sat there for 40 minutes waiting on the family....ridiculous.
i love your blog! you take beautiful pictures. :)
thank you for saying hello yesterday.
hope you liked your movie. i think everyone in the whole world did.
I'm sorry about the baby goat.....that sounds heartbreaking.

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