"make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you,
so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody."

--1 thessalonians 4: 11-12

Thursday, January 5, 2012

front porch view

the youngest three 
had a late breakfast this morning.
watching max and ruby took precedence
over breakfast, and max slept in...
probably because he woke me up
at 5 and decided to yell my name 
off and on until 6:15...
"om! om! OM!"

after 14 months of nursing,
we are *thisclose* to being done.
it's really bittersweet since he is our last,
but truth be told, i'm looking forward to
having my body back...sort of.
4 kids does a number on a body,
and at least i could forget about
part of it while i was nursing...
if you know what i mean.
sorry, dad(s).

so now, instead of my shirt being yanked on
first thing in the morning, i get to hear
"ite. ite. ite." allll day long.
the boy loves his bites.

 anyway, while they were having
breakfast, i looked out the picture window
and thought i'd share the sights:
a chicken almost on top of the neighbor's roof

sweet ella, who joined me

and our dumb ol' donkey.

let me tell you some things about donkeys.

first of all, we don't have a livestock trailer yet
and he's a big boy. he wouldn't fit in the back
of the swagger wagon like the goats.
that meant jason had to walk
him home...with the boys and i parking
on various side streets until they caught up.
it was 2-3 miles...and it took us 45 minutes to get home.
they are slow. 
very slow.
we never would have gotten away with that in the city.

second, braying is one of the worst sounds 
in the world. it's loud and wakes you up at all 
hours...not to mention the fact that it sounds
like he's in distress. sometimes i wonder if
i could use that as an excuse to shoot him.

third, they eat so.stinking.much.
that means they do something else
out the other end so.stinking.much...
no pun intended. =p

so why do we have him?
--we needed an extra guardian for the goats
who are being kept in the back corral.
--he was free.
--he is actually super, super sweet...



so "sweet" (protective), in fact, that he attacked one of 
the goats that "got too close to ali".
when he finally let her go, she ran off 
and he looked up at us with sad, pleading eyes...
and a mouthful of fur.

since he's supposed to be 
a guardian to the goats that puts us in quite a predicament.
if i had to guess, i would guess that he will be leaving soon.
i'm only sympathetic because the kids will be sad.
sydney wants to be cowgirl jessie from toy story,
and has aptly named him bullseye.

but we're all learning the livestock
and pets are two very different things...
tough lessons!

oh, and in case you're wondering,
this is what happens when mommy
leaves the table unattended to take pictures
out the front window:
max pulls an escape act from his
highchair as soon as i look away.

 by the way...
isn't the wallpaper border lovely?
it's going away very soon.
i have christmas money
and a head full of ideas.
this place will start to transform
very, very soon....

have a happy thursday.
thanks for reading!


Megan said...

I have obviously been out of the loop. I was reading this post thinking I dont remember a farm. And thats too fun to forget so I looked back at archives and went to Oct. And the whole dang thing is amazing. I love it all. And now I need a farm like, yesterday.

Laura@happyroost said...

Love the photos and can't wait to see what you do with the dining room!


ginanorma said...

Oh my gosh and b/c they are so stinkin cute!!! I've been anxiously awaiting a new post from you! Merry christmas, and Happy New year, ...:0 that ROOSTER TOO, I am so glad you shared your sights with us, they sure are captivating!

Life With The Leyba's said...

Awe, he has such a cute face! We'll have to come by before he's gone so the kids can see him.

Heather said...

I thought of you yesterday. We found two perfect properties in the last couple of months and each place was sold by the time we looked at it. I know we'll find something that fits our budget and am content in our current house, but I need an orchard and more chickens :) No donkeys though.

Michelle said...

I laughed picturing Jason walking down the road with a donkey!! You should have gotten a picture of that! And then I laughed again picturing goats in the back of the minivan. That would be funny to see too!

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