"make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you,
so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody."

--1 thessalonians 4: 11-12

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

our story, part 2


the stirring i had was one for land.
we've always wanted land, but without plans to move,
what did this mean?
i didn't want to tell jason.
i knew it would stress him out if i was feeling this way.
for crying out loud it sort of stressed me out, too!
in case the lord forgot, i reminded him that i didn't want to move!
when we would start going stir crazy,
we would load the kids up in the van,
get a redbox movie to keep them quiet and drive around town.
it was during one of these drives that these stirrings came up in conversation.
he was feeling the same way...
still, neither of us wanted to feel this way.

reluctantly, we decided to search the mls listings.
i laughed when jason told me the price he didn't want to go over.
"there's no way", i told him.
oh, me of little faith.
not only did we find a house in the price range,
it was everything we needed.
want to know the funny part?
it's a ranch home.
had the lord not done the work in me that he did,
i never, ever would have considered it.
i was set on a two story, remember?
we e-mailed the owner, and arranged a time to see the house.
we told him then and there that the lord was leading us to buy his house.
he was a believer, too, and come to find out, he had told the previous owner
the very same thing ten years ago when he bought the house.
during the tour of the house, he mentioned that they were leaving the dryer.
i was happy--ours is awful. (think 3 cycles to dry towels!)
that was a blessing for sure--
and when we went into the garage,
there was a desk, a refrigerator and a riding lawn mower.
these were all things i had specifically thought that we would need if we moved.
they were staying.
he was waiting to hear from a couple that had seen the house before us.
about 48 hours later, he told us he hadn't heard from them and would proceed with us!
we happily agreed, and
soon the process was underway.

with all of the other homes we pursued, i was always fretting.
worried if someone else would come along,
afraid we would lose the house.
i wasn't at all this time.
we committed this thing to the lord and trusted him to lead us.

the seller paid for all of the required inspections.
he put in a brand new furnace.
it really was a blessing...
but we were nervous--
we hadn't sold our current house.
in fact, it wasn't even listed.
 we had to have money for a down payment and 
we were starting with next to nothing.
it had been a really rough summer, 
and our savings had been mostly depleted.
we had given a man our word that we would buy his house,
and we were basing it on faith alone.
we had no idea where we would come up with thousands of dollars.

after much prayer and consideration,
we decided to list our car.
it meant going down to one vehicle,
but it's only a season.
less than 24 hours later,
it was sold.
less than 3 weeks later,
we had all the money we needed.

 now let me tell you something about myself--
 money terrifies me.
i hate it.
and if you remember, we still had our other house.
the kicker is that we felt like we were supposed to wait to list it.
i don't know why.
it isn't something that we alone would have done.
we didn't understand it,
but we had the peace that passes all understanding.

finally, after two months and several delays on our lenders' part--
(seriously, if you're local and planning to move, e-mail me and i'll tell you who NOT to use.)
we closed on october 13th and moved in the same day.

this sounds perfect...it hasn't been.
there were bumps in the road and there have been lots more since we have moved in.
our other house still isn't sold.
in fact, we were told we were going to get money back at closing,
and we were counting on that money to fix the other house up.
we didn't get anything back.
actually, we were surprised at closing and had to pay almost $1,000 more
than the "maximum" the lender told us it would be.
that means we don't have any money to fix the things on the other house.
we're praying for direction and covet your prayers if you're willing to intercede.
we do have interest in the house, we just aren't sure which direction to go...
but we keep trusting and knowing that this is a growing process.
just because the lord leads doesn't mean things will be perfect.
when a baby first learns to walk, he falls a lot.
we're made to walk, but it hurts a little when we're learning...
and that's where we're at right now.
after all of this maybe i won't be so afraid of money. ;)

we won't be let down.
we are blessed.
so blessed.

thanks so much for reading our story.

did you miss part 1? read it here.


Anonymous said...

Oh Andrea! Thank you for sharing this. It has been more than encouraging to me. I am very impatient. I want a house, now. At this point I don't even care if it's the house I want, I just want one! But I know in my heart, that is not where God has me right now. Reading this has helped me see that God's hand is in everything. I may be learning a million things just by waiting. I'm especially learning the talent of actually giving it all to God. It's a lot easier to say "It's all yours, Lord" than actually letting it go. Thank you again for being such an encouraging woman. I an praying for you and your family as this journey continues!!

Jess said...

i love your story... i hope to feel led like you someday. enjoy that farm girlfriend!

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